Patreon Rewards Updated

Patron Rewards Updated Today

I did some test previously with rewards in regards with the tiers of my work of what I want my patrons to see and the next level up. So I made some improvements in which I think everyone will come to like much better. There are only 4 level this time around.


Become a Patron Level 1 Supporter and get content updates of my dolls and support my Artwork. Mature Content Available at this tier. Gain Early Access to Artwork before it goes Public.

Commission Subscriber

Price $2.00

Become a Patron Commission Subscriber and get exclusive content commissions from me to pair up any 1/6 Dolls and Figures that I own in a shoot for 2 images. 
Commissions Shoot

New Artwork Posted on Patreon - 01

I added some sexy photos to patreon. I will work my way up slowly but surely. ;)

Theft Situation update

Theft Situation Update

It seems like for now's my artwork that was being used on Amazon has been taking down/off for nows.  So I turned back on my Account on various sites. The plan is to post new artwork now
onto my patreon account. If you would like to support me here is the following link below:
Link -

Shit, even with no support I will continue to post up some good shit. Either way it is a win-win situation for me!

Become a Patreon and Join Me

Become a Patreon and Join Me!  Link -

Come a long and join me on my quest to collect as many hot dolls and figures as I photograph them on my still life journey to become one of the best photographers out there!This is my goal to round up fans as we venture into the world of Dolls and Figures.  
         - Prices may vary depending on the content level of the photos.

Artwork Theft II

Artwork Theft

Going forth with people stealing my artwork and trying to sell it on multiple sites, I have decided it was best to remove all of my artwork/hide from online websites until I am able to get my patreon up and sell my pictures online and make some profit on it. With no one supporting me on Deviant Art when I asked for a donation, I decided to deactivate my account and move on to patreon. For the time being I don't plan on sharing anything new until I deal with the people stealing my artwork first off... You want to support me, you will have to pay for my work. I am real artist, and I will prove to anyone that you like the amount of time I put into my photography, you have to pay! Nothing is free!

-Varkeo Kooze

Joining Patreon

I have known about Patreon for quite sometime now and figured now would be a great opportunity to join and bring in some hot images of my dolls with the help and support of my fans and friends. So I went on there today and activated my account under as my name here of coarse and set up a basic "about me" profile for the time being. Once I figure out how to use it, I will invite you guys to come along for the ride to help support my work when I get settled in more. I am excited, it's a long awaited project that we have kept in the dark for sometime that we never got around to actually doing it.